About EV’s
Electric Vehicles outperform Gas Cars in every imaginable way:

• EV’s reduce dependence on oil and price manipulated oil markets.
• EV’s reduce vehicle energy costs by up to 90%
• EV’s are up to 75% energy efficient (with ReGen) VS as little as 15% for a petrol ICE powered car (inc. transmission losses)
• EV’s have much more torque than an ICE (for a given power rating) and a flat torque curve.
• EV’s mitigate global warming
• EV’s are quieter than internal combustion engine vehicles
• EV’s do not produce noxious fumes.
• EV’s can readily satisfy the needs for short trips and up to 500 Km with Li-Ion and regeneration.
• EV’s can run as fast as internal combustion engine vehicles
• EV technology can provide as many as 500,000 Km of service
• Home recharging is more convenient than trips to gasoline stations.
• Regenerative braking can significantly improve vehicle efficiency.
• Recharging costs are more predictable than gas prices, and not subject to volatile international incidents.
• Maintenance such as oil changes, smog inspections (and their sometimes expensive consequences), cooling fluid replacement, and periodic repair and adjustments are reduced or completely eliminated, significantly reducing the cost of ownership.
• EV’s can be powered indirectly by home photovoltaics using net metering , which offers advantages to both power producers and other grid users through peak demand satisfaction and to the EV user through cost reduction and load balancing, especially with time of use net metering.
• EV’s can provide power to a home in the case of a power outage if specially equipped.
• Even if powered by electricity from polluting coal plants, they are still far more energy efficient than gasoline-powered cars.
• EV’s would be charged most likely at night during off-peak electricity consumption
• In case of an accident or during refueling no need to be worried about burning or exploding gasoline.
• Ev's are favorable to hydrogen vehicles because there is no need to invest in a large scale system of hydrogen distribution/storage, and EV’s have a significantly higher energy conversion efficiency than hydrogen electrolization cycles. The electricity distribution system is already in place.

DO NOT buy into the alternative fuel solutions being proposed nowadays – Hybrids and alternative fuels are not Zero Emission solutions.
Alternative fuels still do pollute the environment, biofuels and Ethanol are raising the price of crops and having unintended consequences for food supplies.

The fact is that Electric Vehicles outperform Gas Cars in every imaginable way
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